Donation efficiency

The whole administration is voluntary and cost-free. Therefore, almost 100% of your donations are used up for the children. Also, we guarantee a careful handling of all donations.

All travel expenses for board members, ambassadors and volunteers are and will be paid by them on their own.

Operation and maintenance costs

For operation and maintenance of the orphanage and the school, the Foundations needs in 2015 approximately a total of CHF 138'500 or around EUR 132'500 per year. This amount is broken down as follows:

Operation and maintenance of the orphanage                                          CHF      71'000     per year
Operation and maintenance of the school CHF 15'000     per year
Tuwapende Watoto Children's school fees Nursery - seventh class (20 children) CHF 4'500     per year
Tuwapende Watoto children's secondary school fees (6 children) CHF 9'000     per year
Schoolfee University for Prisca CHF 5'000     per year
Building maintenance fund children's home CHF 13'000     per year
School building maintenance fund CHF 20'000     per year
Nursery Itobo (hot meal for 90 children) CHF 1'000     per year



Each year, from 2014 - 2017 we plan to invest about CHF 100'000 - 120'000 in new projects (except in 2015 where we expect cost of CHF 220'000).

The focus is on the expansion of the school, in 2014 three new classrooms, the construction of a toilet facility and six other classrooms in 2015. The construction of a bore hole to get the necessary water for irrigation our vegetable and fruit plantation, and in the future for the vocational traning center.

The launch of the first buildings for the vocational training center starts 2016.