The Ambassador - an important ally in favour of the Foundation

Our volunteer Ambassadors perform a major part of the administrative work for our Foundation. Some of them have been this doing this volunteer work since the inception of the Foundation. They often visit our home in Tanzania, and provide invaluable opportunities for the children and the Foundation. Their work for the Foundation is gratis and they also pay their own travel to Tanzania. Thank you very much for your valuable work!

Our Ambassadors in Switzerland

Anush and Kurt Angst

Anush and Kurt have been assisting the foundation with great enthusiasm and commitment since its establishment. They organize at the Hotel Wassberg on the Forch Tinga Tinga art exhibitions and they also have launched a retail shoplet with items from Dar es Salaam. As a tour guide on all seven seas, Anna holds lectures about our project on each travel and she cultivates the contacts with sponsors from various industries.

Margrit Bruengger

Margrit is responsible for the continuous updating of our donors database, she writes the thank you letters to the donors and the annual donation receipts for tax deductions. Margrit sent the newsletters and annual reports to all existing e-mail addresses. With great joy and commitment Margrit supports the Tuwapende Watoto family and visits Bunju B often.

Chantal Detta

Chantal is responsible for the recruitment of volunteers and trainees. She is teacher at the Mittelstufenschule in Oberhofen am Thunersee. Chantal worked in 2013 as a volunteer for three month in our orphanage and at our school. Chantal knows the needs at home and at school very well.

Marco Lehnherr

Marco is our swiss accountant. He visits the orphanage periodically.


Beat Buetikofer

Beat Buetikofer supports his wife Ruth in their daily work for the foundation. Together they organize the golf tournament in Payerne. With the support of the IT-company at-point in Berne, he is responsible for the website and online presence. Beat visits the childrens home 2 - 3 times per year.


Fabian Buetikofer

Fabian has been assisting the foundation with great enthusiasm in different tasks. He supports us with the translation from german to english and with other administrativ functions. Fabian visits the childrens home periodically.


Caroline Rominger

Caroline is a golf proette on the european golf ladies tour. With her personal contacts and her likable appearance, Caroline actively supports the marketing of our foundation. Further information about Caroline can be found on her homepage

Our Ambassador in Austria

MMag. Antonia Lagler

Since my stay as a volunteer in 2010, I am working as ambassador for Tuwapende Watoto Austria and Facebook because I can even from remote contribute to the children’s welfare, and it's a good feeling to be able use my professional expertise for important and meaningful projects.


Our Ambassador in USA

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra lives in New York and supports us with the English content of our homepage. Alexa is proud that she can help us.