Education for a brighter future

The Tuwapende Watoto nursery is open for girls and boys in the age of 3 - 6 years. The lessons are taught in English. The nursery has two bright and spacious rooms, and the class size is limited to a maximum of 40 children.


The first term starts in January and ends in June. The second one runs from July to December.

Calendar 2015

First Term

1st Quarter        Tuesday 12th January 2015    thru    Friday 27th March 2015        54 days (11 weeks)

Midterm Break   Saturday 28th March 2015      thru    Tuewsday 7th April 2015                      1 week    

2nd Qarter         Wednesday 8th April 2015      thru    Friday 5th June 2015            42 days (8 weeks)

Holidays             Saturday 6th June 2015         thru    Tuesday 7th July 2015                          4 weeks  

Second Term

3rd Quarter       Wednesday 8th July 2015        thru    Friday 18th September 2015  53 days (10 weeks)

Midterm Break   Saturday 19th Sept. 2015        thru    Sunday 27th September 2015                1 week    

4th Qarter         Monday 28th Sept. 2015          thru    Friday 4th December2015      49 days (10 weeks)

Vacation            Saturday 5th December 2015   thru   Tuesday 12th January 2016                   5 weeks  


The school uniform is as follows:

Shirt                          TSH   9'000
T-shirt                       TSH   8'000
Socks                         TSH   1'500
Diary                          TSH   8'500
Nursery Skirt               TSH 10'000 
Nursery Short              TSH 10'000
Nursery Sport Short     TSH 10'000
Stationary, maintenance and medical TSH 70'000 / year
Total Nursery TSH 167'500


Black shoes
All uniforms (except shoes) can be ordered and purchased at the school.

Nursery teachers

We employ only qualified, experienced and state certified Montessori nursery teachers. On the individual care of the children we place great value.

Inclusion of parents

We encourage parents to participate actively in the development of their children and to visit our nursery after consultation with the teachers. Parent meetings and parent evenings are organized by teaching staff.


At 10:00 in the morning the children enjoy  freshly prepared snacks. At noon they receive a warm vegetarian meal.


In addition to the standard curriculum of the Tanzanian government we teach the children in the key elements of the Montessori principles.

Fees per student

The fees include meals and the writing and learning material. The uniforms and transportation are not included in the fees.

Registration fee TSH 40,000

Nursery attendance TSH 700,000 / year or 350,000 TSH / TSH 175,000 or semester / quarter

Transport fee from Bunju, Mabwe and Kituna

TSH 400'000 / year or TSH 200'000 / term or TSH 100'000 / quarter

Transport fee from Mapinga, Boko, Fanaka, Namanga, Kibo, Mbweni

TSH 500'000 / year or TSH 250'000 / term or TSH 125'000 / quarter