Day Care

Our day care center - a new service at Tuwapende Watoto

blankTuwapende Watoto was repeatedly asked why we do not offer daycare for children in the age of one to three years. After careful consideration of demand and existing opportunities, we decided to prepare the necessary installations and to open the first daycare on early 2016th. We can use the existing small kitchen of the nursery in order to prepare warm pint and hot food for toddlers. Thanks to the small extension of the existing nursery building with new toilets for toddlers and a laundry room we have created the necessary hygiene measures to comply with the existing regulations.

After announcing our new offer, we have already received the first applications. This confirms our decision that we are right with the adaptation of our range. With our good educated employees, we will ensure a professional, efficient and high-quality care for the children. 

Pedagogical work

The day care centers are independent habitats where children can experience the daily life together with their peers and support early learning. You ensure that children can develop and integrate different backgrounds equally.

The daycare takes a great responsibility in the education, promotion and integration of the children. We attach great importance to a stimulating and age appropriate design of spaces and play facilities. Our minders have a special pedagogical training and promote and monitor the individual development of each child in the group.

The constant and reliable relationship with the caregivers is crucial. So that the children feel at home in day care, a good and close cooperation with the parents is indispensable. Our day care centers operate according to the systemic approach. They offer regular parent meetings and evenings, festivals and events information.

The supervisors speak with the children Kiswahili (mother tongue) and English. When crossing to nursery they have therefore already prior knowledge of English.


We also support children from poorer families with the takeover of part of the fees. Particularly needy families can apply for full support. The authorization takes place after a visit from the applicants home.


The children are taken from their parents or a trusted person in our campus and there picked up again.

Dining / rest periods

At noon, the older children get a freshly prepared lunch. For rest breaks we offer soft mats to the children.