Donation efficiency

The whole administration is voluntary and cost-free. Therefore, almost 100% of your donations are used up for the children. Also, we guarantee a careful handling of all donations.

All travel expenses for board members, ambassadors and volunteers are and will be paid by them on their own.

Operation and maintenance costs

For operation and maintenance of the orphanage, the school and the vocational education and training center, the Foundations needs in 2016 approximately a total of CHF 166’200 (incl. Itobo). This amount is broken down as follows:

Operation of the orphanage


per year
Tuwapende Watoto Children's school fees Nursery - seventh class (19 children)


per year
Tuwapende Watoto children's secondary school fees (5 children)10000per year
Building maintenance fund children's home13000per year
Total orphanage93000per year
Operation of the nursery and primary school0per year
School building maintenance fund10000per year
Total nursery and primary school10000per year
Operation of the vocational and education training center16000per year
Cost of materials13000per year
Procurements (sewing machines, backery, gardening tools)30000
Total vocational and education training center59000
Nursery Itobo (hot meal for 1000 children)4200per year


We invested in the years 2014 and 2015 a total of CHF 340’000.- in new development for primary school (nineclassrooms, daycare, toilet facilities and sports court).

In the first half of 2016, we started with the construction of the first two buildings for the vocational education and training center with three classrooms and four storage rooms / offices, the toiletblock and the gatehouse(total CHF 362’000). These buildings are put into operation as of January 2017th.

In the following years we are planning further school building for the vocational school with three classroomsand four storage rooms / offices.