Our Nursery - a real gem!

blankThe Montessori nursery teachers take care of the children ages three to six. They speak English with the children. Kiswahili, the native language of the children is rarely used during the lesson. The children learn, among other things, the alphabet and numbers. As they transfer to primary school they will have prior knowledge in writing and counting.

At any time, about 155 children attend lessons each day in our five nursery rooms. In addition to the Tuwapende Watoto orphans, children from the neighborhood and neighboring villages come as well.

We support the children of poorer families by discounting a portion of the school fees. Very poor families can apply for full support. The approval follows a home visit to the applicant’s home.

Early in the morning, our school bus collects the children from the neighboring villages. The bus tour takes about one hour and arrives at the school entrance right on time. The discipline of parents and children is exemplary. Despite the bad roads and the high traffic volume, the nursery classes start promptly at 8:00 o’clock. A big thank you to our bus driver for their save driving.

From 10:00 – 10:30 o’clock, children enjoy a break and get one of the cooks freshly prepared meals. After lunch, the children are allowed to rest on soft mats. At 14:30 o’clock the lesson ends and the kids get on the school bus with our Babas and are safely returned to their parents.