General principle

General principle Tuwapende Watoto Nursery and Primary School

The vision of TUWAPENDE WATOTO school

Tuwapende Watoto

A good education lays the foundation for a successful and secure life. Our school enables the orphans and the children from the surrounding area to receive a very good education. The students are surrounded by loving and respectful teachers who care for and accompany them on their way to independence.
We help children and young people to have better chances for the future and awaken in them an understanding and tolerance for others.

The mission of the Tuwapende Watoto School

We offer a comprehensive and balanced school education for children between the ages of 3 and 14. In kindergarten, Montessori kindergarten teachers prepare the students for the future elementary school. Elementary school ends after 7 school years with the state exam. The main language at the school is English. Kiswahili and French are offered as second and third languages. We emphasize quality education and help children develop into active and successful members of Tanzanian society.
We support the children of poorer families by paying part of the school fees. Particularly needy families can apply for full support. Approval is given after a visit to the applicants’ homes.

Our principles regarding the support of students

  • By covering the school fees for students, we help families in need.
  • We exclusively finance families in need of help.
  • We examine the personal circumstances of the family and decide on the amount of our financial help.
  • We support children until they complete elementary school, secondary school and vocational school.
  • We review our financial commitment throughout the education period.
  • We focus on children from the immediate vicinity of the school.
  • We treat all families with respect and dignity and adhere to high ethical standards.
  • We do not support political or religious ideologies.
  • We help families in need to provide a good education for their children.