Primary School

The primary school of Tuwapende Watoto - a showpiece in the region


Currently, 800 children attend day care, kindergarten and primary school in our children’s charity. The teaching staff only speaks English with the children. Kiswahili, the mother tongue of the children, is only used in Kiswahili lessons. The lessons cover the following subjects: English, French, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, geography, history, computer science, Kiswahili, writing and gymnastics.

The primary school of our children’s charity is every seven school years. In addition to the boys and girls of the Tuwapende Watoto children’s home, children from the surrounding area and neighbouring villages attend classes. We support the children of poorer families by paying part of the school fees. Especially needy families can apply for full support. The permit is granted after a visit to the applicant’s home.

The nine school buses are on the road for about one hour each for the necessary tours and arrive on time at the school grounds. The discipline of the parents and the children is exemplary. Despite the poor roads and heavy traffic, school lessons can start at 8:00 a.m. on time. A big thank you goes to our school bus drivers! At 10:00 a.m. the children enjoy a break with baked goods prepared by our apprentice bakers and at noon the pupils receive a healthy, freshly prepared lunch. Classes end at 15.00. Afterwards our school bus drivers bring the children safely back to their parents.

School complex

Teilansicht Tuwapende Watoto Kindergarten Primarschule

The picture shows a partial view of the school complex of nursery and primary school. From the left, the complex comprises four school buildings with two classrooms each, a toilet facility, a house with two kindergarten rooms, an administration building with two offices, a teachers’ room with materials room, a library with PC tables, two teachers’ toilets and a toilet for the disabled and a building with a school kitchen and dining room. In the picture not visible, school building with three classrooms, and the two-storey school building with six classrooms, which was built on the adjacent plot