Vocational Education

The vocational education and training center

 A showpiece in the region

Starting position

We asked ourselveswhat do all the children whose parents the subsequent training can not afford to send their children to secondary school due to financial reasons?Those children whose school performance for a secondary school are not sufficient, are also facing the same problem.

In 2014, we visited the state vocational training center in Dar es Salaam and informed us there. We were very impressed by the professionalism and seriousness of these training centers and have also acquired some documentation which will help us build the apprentices’ workshop. With the documents obtained, we have examples of the necessary blueprints and the primary proposals for the individual occupational profiles. These will help us to create the right buildings from the outset and equip them with the necessary infrastructure.

For the buildings, we want to use our experience in building the school. The quality of the building is crucial to keeping the maintenance costs at an affordable level. Investments in the quality of the buildings are therefore decisive for keeping the buildings in good condition and are decisive for long-term use. Therefore, we will again work with the same architect and the same construction company.


In 2013, we bought the 44,000 m2 site and thus created the opportunity to actually implement this project. The proximity to the school campus has the advantage that we can also use existing facilities such as the buildings for the administration and the catering (kitchen and dining room) for future apprentices.


Vocational Education and Training Center / New constructions in 2016

Tuwapende Watoto VET

The first two school buildings with a total of 6 classrooms

At the beginning of January 2017, we were able to hand over the first two school buildings, each with three classrooms and four storage rooms to the vocational school. This was the first big step for the establishment of the new apprentice training center. At the same time, we were also able to put into operation the toilets / showers and the gatehouse with two storerooms.

Toilets / showers in apprentice training center

Toilets / Showers

Our apprentices all work with great dedication and commitment to their goal of completing a state-recognized professional apprenticeship. In addition to theoretical subjects, the apprentices are also trained in practice-oriented work, at the usual high temperatures. That is why we enable the apprentices to freshen up before they go home after having done their work.


Gate house

Gate house

In Tanzania it is common for a gatekeeper to regulate and monitor the entrance to the campus. In addition to the room for the doorman, we have created two storage rooms for the equipment of the gardeners. With the water tank next to the building, we can supply all the buildings with water. The water is pumped from our own waterhole into this tank.From there, the water flows both to the school system and toilet and showers.


Vocational Education and Training Center

To build the apprentice workshop is also a phased approachWe plan to build one three classroom block per year.

We will start with a class of tailorsIn addition, we see at the beginning a class for horticultureThus, we havetwo professional training which can be offered both for girls and for boys.

Vocational training at our planned vocational school helps primary school leavers who can not attendsecondary school. We give them the chanceto complete a good and nationally recognized vocational trainingand then to succeed in the labor market or establish their own workshop.

The fee for visiting the apprentice workshop is adapted to the financial possibilities of parentsWe aremotivating graduates of our primary school, to start a good vocational education and we will assist them in the financing of apprenticeship.