Professions VET


Tuwapende Watoto Vocational School – Overview of professions (as of January 2022)

At the vocational school, we deliberately promote professions that are predestined for women.
We offer the following two-year apprenticeships in the dual education system:

Bakers – Cooks
Electronics technician
Computer scientists
Two-wheel mechanics

Additional training for industrial electricians (heavy current) and solar technicians (renewable engery)

Target group

Vocational training at our planned vocational school helps secondary school leavers and primary school leavers, to complete a good and nationally recognized vocational training and then to succeed in the labor market or establish their own workshop.
All job descriptions are available both for girls and for boys.


The primary goal of our vocational school is to provide graduates with comprehensive vocational training recognized by the state of Tanzania. We received the necessary training licence in January 2017.

With this state-recognized certificate, we offer graduates the best possible entry into the job market.

Provided that they perform well, we plan to provide start-up assistance in setting up his own company. This can include a small loan as well as the provision of tools and necessary aids.

Together with the apprentices, we want to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of our entire orphanage and school infrastructure. The products produced by the baker, gardener and tailor apprentices are used in the school and in the orphanage.

Professions in 2016

We started with a class for tailors in February 2016. At the beginning of March 2016 the gardener apprentices started their training course. In both classes both sexes are represented. The lessons consist of a practical part (70%) and a theoretical part (30%).


blankIn February 2016 twelve tailors started with their two-year apprenticeship. With Mrs Atupokile, we were able to hire a qualified apprentice. In the first year, apprentices were trained on pedal and electron machines. Among other things, the apprentices produce various uniforms for the school.


blankIn April 2016 three gardeners started their two-year apprenticeship. With Mrs. Lucy Mbalale (practical training) and Mr. Yahya Mrindoko (theoretical training) we were able to hire qualified students, the apprentices get to know the seed and have built an automatic irrigation system of the seedbeds. After just a few months, the apprentices were proud to bring their first harvest of vegetables and fruits to the orphanage and to the school.

Professions 2017

Tuwapende Watoto VETIn March 2017, we opened a bakery and have been training baker apprentices since then. The apprentices help to produce bread and baked goods for the school and the children’s home.
During the two-year apprenticeship, the apprentices are also trained in cooking hot meals and desserts as well as in service.

Professions 2018-2020

We offer the following apprenticeships with the dual education system: tailor, gardener, baker/cook, electrician, electronics technician, hairdresser/beauty, sanitary fitter and computer scientist. It is a great pleasure to observe how the young adults develop positively and pursue their goals with self-confidence, motivation and determination.

Professions 2021 – 2022

From 2022, we will offer the training course for two-wheeler mechanics. With an additional training course, we train industrial electricians (heavy current) and solar technicians (renewable energy).

With the expansion of our range of apprenticeships, we want to train young people in future-oriented professions, who will help the country of Tanzania with their acquired skills to achieve the goals of the Tanzanian state in 2025 (middle income country).