Bunju B

Bunju B

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Bunju B is located on the Bagamoyoroad between Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo. It can be reached by car within an hour from the city. A brisk development activity prevails along this important road, which will soon be expanded to four lanes thanks to Japanese assistance. This, of course, will help to reduce journey time drastically. In the last three years, the neighbourhood has gained attention and attracted many young families to build their new homes here. It continues development into a residental area with many beautiful homes link for google maps (February 2016). Most of these people send their children to our school because they believe in the quality and professionalism our education provides.

Dar es Salaam Prime High School

Very close to our facility a secondary school was recently built and opened. The founder and sponsor, Professor Moshi was a very well-known University professor in Tanzania and the founder of the University of Dar es Salaam. He died in July 2011 leaving the school in the care of his widow.

Even a hospital is very close

A hospital which is located next to our compound will be inaugurated mid of 2016.