Tuwapende Watoto

Means in Kiswahili

“We love children”

The Tuwapende Watoto Children’s Foundation is a charity in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It provides orphaned and abandoned children a loving home and a good long term education for their future.

The Foundation has run the orphanage since 2006 with 25 children between the ages of 18 month and 20 years. In 2010, it opened a nursery and a year later a primary school. Currently about 580 students visit the Tuwapende Watoto Nursery and Primary School.

In February 2016, the foundation opened an vocational education and training center for tailors and in April 2016 a class with horticultural apprentices. Beginning of 2017 we opened a new class for tailoring and horticulture and a class with baker apprentices. Currently 49 apprentices are trained in three professions.

In addition to the above-mentioned occupations, the following professions are planned: painters, electricians, computer scientists, carpenters  and merchants.

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Tuwapende Watoto ist für mich ein eigentliches Vorzeige-Projekt für nachhaltige, effiziente und gut überprüfbare Entwicklungshilfe! Mit grossem Einsatz der Stiftung werden die Kinder, Schüler und Lehrlinge auf ein Leben in Ihrem Mutterland vorbereitet ! Wer Tuwapende Watoto einmal erlebt hat, wird davon begeistert sein! Ein grosses Vorbild für alle Entwicklungs-Hilfe Projekte! Eindrücklich!

Geni Müller

Partner Sound Capital AG, Zürich

I was overwhelmed by the hospitality and warmth of the children and mamas in Tuwapende Watoto. The children’s home and the school are run with love, this is certainly due to the good organization and leadership. In Tuwapende Watototo Swiss values are mixed with Tanzanian habits, which leads to this great result.

Patricia Gyger


The penpalship between my class from Lucerne and the children of Tuwapende Watoto is a unique, wonderful and valuable enrichment for all. All kids can apply and improve their foreign language skills. The children also learn how others live and they can share each others’ hobbies and interests.

Franzisca Otto

Lehrerin Schule Wartegg, Luzern
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