Mission Statement

The mission statement Tuwapende Watoto Vocational Training Center

The vision of TUWAPENDE WATOTO Vocational Training Center

A good vocational education is the basis for an independent and successful life in Tanzanian society. We offer dual vocational training at an affordable school fee.

We also help young people who cannot attend secondary school for financial reasons or because of insufficient academic performance. We promote their manual skills and their general education. They complete the two-year apprenticeship with a state-recognized diploma. All occupational profiles are offered for women and men.

Our principles regarding the support of apprentices

  • We help families in need to provide their children with a good professional education.
  • We focus on young people from the immediate neighborhood of the school.
  • We finance vocational training for young people from disadvantaged families.
  • We check the personal circumstances of the family and decide on the amount of our financial help
  • We support young people until they complete their apprenticeship.
  • We review our financial commitment throughout the apprenticeship period.
  • We treat all youth with respect and dignity and adhere to high ethical standards.
  • We do not support any political or religious ideologies.